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Acute Rehab

Next Steps

Admission Process

Once arrangements have been made and your physician authorizes the admission, you will be discharged from your current setting and transferred to the Saline Memorial Acute Rehab Unit. If you are being transferred from another hospital, your Case Manager will help you plan for transportation. After discharge from Rehab, the patient may return for ongoing therapy at the Saline Memorial Outpatient Therapy Center or receive home therapy through Saline Memorial Home Health.

The Acute Rehab Team

Individualized care is provided to patients by a team of dedicated and skilled health professionals who are experts in specific areas of rehabilitation. Working together with the patient and family, the rehabilitation team provides an assessment and develops a coordinated plan of care, with the goal of using each patient’s individual strengths and abilities to achieve the maximum level of independence.

Visit our digital brochure to learn more about our program. 

For more information or to see if you qualify, please call (501) 672-9167.  To reach someone on the unit, please call (501) 776-6630.