Labor & Delivery

The birth of a new baby is one of the most exciting events in your life. Saline Memorial’s Labor and Delivery Department provides exceptional care before and after the delivery of your new baby and is available to answer concerns every step of the way.

The Labor and Delivery department consists of seven private LDR (Labor-Delivery-Rooms) and three private rooms available for OB evaluations, Ante partum patients, Gynecological surgeries or Rooming-in Moms. Postpartum rooms are also accessible for Gynecological surgery patients and mothers post delivery.

Child Birth and nursing care classes are available for free to expecting parents who plan to deliver at SMH. The Labor and Delivery department also provides OB evaluations on an outpatient basis to determine such things as rupture of membranes, false labor vs. real labor, back pain, urinary tract infections, etc.

Tours of the hospital's labor and delivery facilities are available to expectant couples by contacting us at 501-776-6300.


Prenatal Classes at SMH

The SMH Labor and Delivery Department offers a prepared childbirth class for patients delivering at Saline Memorial Hospital. This class discusses what to expect during pregnancy, breastfeeding and what to expect during her delivery at SMH. Participants will also discuss what to bring to the hospital and transitioning after delivery. Parents will also be given a tour of the SMH Labor and Delivery Department.

Prenatal Classes are every second Tuesday of the month. Time: 7pm-9pm

 To register for a class, please call (501) 776-6300.

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