Being #1 isn't always a good thing.

Heart disease is a silent killer. In fact many people never realize they’re at risk – until it’s too late. Don’t let a heart attack sneak up on you. This February, take advantage of our FREE screening and prevention days to protect your heart, and your loved ones, from heart disease. Screening includes:
  • Blood Pressure Evaluation
  • Cholesterol Panel
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • On-site Cardiologist

FREE Heart Screenings

  • Friday, February 8 | 1pm - 3pm 
  • Friday, February 15 | 1pm - 3pm 
  • Monday, February 18 | 10am - 1pm
  • Thursday, February 28 | 10am - 1pm 

In addition to the free screenings, we will be offering a coronary calcium scan for $50 by appointment. Please call (501) 776-6820 to schedule an appointment for the coronary calcium scan. This scan is an imaging test used to look for deposits of calcium and plaque in the inner lining of your heart's blood vessels. These deposits can partially clog and narrow your coronary arteries without producing any symptoms or warning signs – putting you at risk for a heart attack. This test can detect deposits before symptoms develop. 

Saline Health Education Building 
No appointments needed, just walk in!

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