Heart and Vascular

The Heart & Vascular program is comprised of multiple areas within the hospital that focus on testing for and treating ailments within the circulatory system, including the heart. In conjunction with Central Arkansas Cardiology Associates, we provide diagnostic, non-invasive testing and invasive services along with 24/7 call coverage. Heart & Vascular services are provided within a variety of areas throughout the hospital, including:

  • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
  • Heart Station (non-invasive testing)
  • On-site cardiology clinics
  • Through the Emergency Department
Cardiac catheterization is a term for a group of procedures that are used to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular conditions. The Cath Labs are also used to perform peripheral arteriography, angioplasty and stenting in the legs.

Once the catheter is in place, it can be used to perform a number of procedures including angioplasty and PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) angiography. A list of procedures carried out in the Cath Lab includes:
  • Coronary Angiography or Coronary catheterization Coronary
  • Angioplasty or Percutaneous coronary intervention/PCI
  • Atherectomy (Plaque Removal) of heavily calcified vessels
  • Left and right Sided pressure studies
  • Peripheral Angiography and Intervention
  • Interventional Radiology Procedures
One of the most common procedures performed in the cath lab is coronary angiography. A coronary angiography is a procedure that uses a special dye and xrays to see how blood flows through your arteries. The xray takes a series of pictures that gives your physician a look at your blood vessels.

Every Cath Lab procedure is performed by a team of specialists to ensure the highest quality of care. This includes an interventional cardiologist, two radiology technologists specialized in cardiovascular care and a registered nurse specialized in critical/cardiovascular care.

Our Cath Lab features state of the art technology tailored to provide our patients the most advanced techniques in heart care. To learn more about the services provided or about physicians practicing within the Heart & Vascular Service program, call (501) 776-6220. 

2 Steps to Save A Life

1. Call 911
2. Push Hard & Fast

Learn more at https://cpr.heart.org/en/cpr-courses-and-kits/hands-only-cpr.

Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC)

Early Heart Attack Care (or EHAC) education teaches you to recognize the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Why? We want you to become an active bystander so you can save a life - even if it’s yours.

• About 750,000 people in the U.S. have heart attacks each year. Of those, about
116,000 die.
• Many of these patients experienced early symptoms.

Download this brochure to learn more about early heart attack care.

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