Thank you to our supporters!

No matter the size of the gift, your compassion and generosity benefit the lives of others. We are able to continue enhancing our programs and services because of the support of our donors, partners and volunteers. We want to show appreciation to our donors and recognize your investment towards the health of our community. Your giving not only enhances healthcare today, but our hope is that it will inspire others to give in the future.

Donors include businesses and corporations, grateful patients, employees and individuals that align themselves with our area of needs. We want to thank our donors and show our gratitude every chance we get.  We proudly recognize and show our appreciation to our annual donors every year at the Heart of Saline Dinner. This exclusive dinner is held to recognize and thank the SMH donors. Every donor at the Fellow level and above is invited to enjoy a special evening with the SMH Foundation board of directors, leadership and employees.
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