Tips for Good Mental Health


May is Mental Health Awareness Month so here are some tips for stress relief

  1. TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS – The worst thing you can do is keep your worries bottled up inside.  Talking to someone who you trust about your problems will help relieve your stress and find solutions.
  2. ESCAPE FOR AWHILE – Read a book, watch a movie, or take a walk to give yourself time to put a problem situation in perspective.  Then you will be better to tackle it effectively.
  3. WORK OFF YOUR ANGER – Hold off the impulse to lash out at someone who has provoked you; and instead do something constructive with your pent-up energy, like cleaning out the garage, playing tennis, taking a long walk or some other physical activity.  You’ll be better prepared to handle the situation.
  4. GIVE IN OCCASIONALLY – It’s easier on the system to give in once in a while even if you feel you’re right.  When you yield, others often do too – and that can lead to workable solutions.
  5. HELP OTHERS – Doing something for someone else will help you forget your own worries and give you a good feeling inside.
  6. TAKE ONE THING AT A TIME – The best way to tackle a heavy load is to tackle the most urgent task first and work your way through others gradually, one at a time.  As you do, you will find it’s not such a “horrible mess” after all.
  7. DON’T BE “SUPERMAN” OR “SUPERWOMAN” – Expecting too much from yourself creates anxiety and ultimately causes failure.  No one can be perfect at everything – so set priorities and focus on what’s most important.  Don’t try to achieve the impossible.
  8. DON’T OVERCRITICIZE – Everyone has strengths and limitations.  Search out people’s good points and help develop them rather than focusing on their shortcomings.  This will benefit you and the other person as well.
  9. DON’T OVERCOMPETE – You don’t always have to be first or best.  If everything is a race, someone is bound to get hurt eventually.  Competition is contagious, but so is cooperation.  Give the other person a break and you’ll make things easier on yourself as well.
  10. TAKE THE INITIATIVE – Don’t sit back feeling rejected or left out – try making the first move.  Often people are anxious for a sign that you’re interested.  There’s a big difference between making yourself available and pushing yourself onto people.
  11.  SCHEDULE RECREATION – Many people drive themselves so hard that they don’t take time for the recreation that is essential for good physical and mental health.  Take time out.  Establish a set routine for activities that you enjoy – and you will relieve stress as well contribute to your own mental and physical health.

 If you would like more information regarding Saline Memorial Behavioral Health’s two psychiatric inpatient programs (Adult Psychiatry – ages 18 to 55 - and Geriatric Psychiatry – ages 55 and up) please call Saline Memorial Behavioral Health at (501) 776-6600.  

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