Patient Story – Donna Bron


From the outside looking in, Donna Bron is an unlikely candidate to have a heart condition. Being 5’9’, 120 pounds and an avid marathon runner, she never expected to have a life-threatening heart condition. However, in April of 2013, Donna’s health was put to the test.

She came in to the Emergency Department with upper chest pressure, fearing that she was “crying wolf.” She was immediately admitted to a patient room. The next day, Dr. Ian Cawich, from Arkansas Heart Hospital, inserted a stent in her heart to ease a blockage of 95%. “We are very lucky to have a hospital of this quality so close and the partnership with the Arkansas Heart Hospital came at the right time,” Robert Bron said. “We never expected Donna to have artery problems but we’re very thankful for the Saline Memorial staff and physicians who were able to save her life.” Unfortunately, Donna was transported by ambulance just weeks after her first procedure to address another 80% blockage. Dr. Carl Leding, also with Arkansas Heart Hospital, was the physician who cared for her during this visit. Donna was discharged two days later.
“We have been using Saline Memorial for years and the staff has been outstanding – very professional, personable and competent. All I can say is a big ‘thank you’ to the entire SMH staff,” Mr. Bron said.

 Donna Bron survives two artery blockages with the help from Saline Memorial Hospital and Arkansas Heart Hospital.

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